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Fuel Injected Classics -- Bringing new life to Classic Cars


Here at Fuel Injected Classics we are combining the greatest of old school muscle with the heart of the new modern muscle car. 

In recent years new technology has provided some of the most efficient, reliable and powerful cars to date.  Our goal is to transplant this technology into the great classics many have grown to love.  Not only will this provide the classic car better fuel efficiency it will also provide reliability that old engines lacked.

Most of the engines will be pulled from low mileage cars which have been totaled.  Each engine has been, compression tested, and run before being pulled from the doner  with odometer readings as well.  Most of the engines will be video taped for documentation before being pulled as well.

 We are located in Albion, Pennsylvania.

***UPDATE!!****  The Mustang is now running with MPFI engine.  See video


1959 Ford F100 LIGHTNING Project

Our very first project is a unique one.  We are transplanting an engine and AOD transmission from a Ford Lightning Pickup truck into a 1959 Ford F100.  This frame off restoration will be quite a job.  However the end result will be well worth it. 

The Ford Lightning was produced from 1999-2004 and held the title for the worlds fastest production truck during that time.  It's heart was a Super Charged 5.4 Liter Triton V8 specially designed by Ford SVT group.  Horsepower is around 360-380 with 400ft lb of torque.

The 59 Ford truck will also undergo a steering upgrade.  We will remove the old straight axle and replace with with a mustang 2 rack and pinion.  This will allow the truck to handle MUCH better than the 1959 technology provided.

F100 Project Updates


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If you have any questions or may be interested in a project Contact Josh or Lary.

Josh Hovis josh-hovis@fuelinjecteclassics.com

Lary Hovis laryhovis@fuelinjectedclassics.com



1966 Ford Mustang Project

This is going to be project #2.  We have sourced a 1966 Ford mustang with a 289.  The body is in great shape however the engine is bad.  We contemplated on rebuilding the engine back to stock but decided on another route. 

The heart of this mustang will be a 5.0 (302) fuel injected engine from a 1987 Ford Mustang.  These swaps have been quite common and are fairly straight forward.  The mustang is still currently in it's body restoration phase.

Mustang Project Updates